I work as a coach and editor for writers at all levels and in all disciplines, including faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and college applicants. I have coached several Stanford professors on their writing. I work with writers at all stages of a project, encompassing everything from the initial brainstorming stage to drafts to the final copyedits.


  • Admissions essays: I provide feedback on applications for everything from kindergarten to college to graduate school, including law school, business school, and medical school.
  • Job applications: I guide job applicants with cover letters, CVs, and resumes.
  • Developmental editor: I help writers working on book projects and articles think through the research design, framing, and the alignment between argument and evidence.
  • Copyeditor: I edit academic articles, grant proposals, CVs, bibliographies, etc.
  • Writing coach: I help writers plan their work, assess their writing practice, and strategize how to overcome internal and external obstacles.
  • Tutoring: I tutor undergraduate and graduate students on their writing assignments for courses in all disciplines.

Availability: I work with clients both remotely on Zoom or in person at Stanford.

Rates: $100 – $200 per hour, depending on the project. Expedited services are also for an extra fee.

Finding the right fit for your project is important. The first step is to reach out to set up a free consultation where we discuss the project scope and expectations.

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