At Stanford, I teach writing courses in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric. I also tutor graduate and undergraduate students in the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking.

My PWR 1 course, “Food Values: The Rhetoric of What and How We Eat,” prompts students to consider how the multiple ways that what we eat expresses what we value. My PWR 2 course, “Think Global: The Rhetoric of Global Citizenship,” invites students to explore the meaning of global citizenship and how they might relate their own education to pressing global questions. In both courses, students develop their writing skills by undertaking a research project on the topic of their choice.

In spring 2024, I will teach PWR 91HK, “Farmer, Scientist, Activist, Chef: Communicating for Food Security and Food Justice.”¬†This is a project-based course where students will work with a community partner to create public-facing materials in support of their mission.

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